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Using Betmaid to Make Football Betting Accumulators Easy

Betmaid isn't just for in-play football betting, but can also be used to strike reliable in-play football betting accumulators also. For anybody that has not heard the term accumulator bet, it's a bet that combines multiple selections into a single wager that gains a return only when all parts win. The advantage of an accumulator over an ordinary bet, is that winnings are much higher at the expense of increased risk, because if one selection loses, the entire bet is at a loss. So how can Betmaid be used to form a reliable and profitable in-play football accumulator bet?

As you can see from the above image, I used Betmaid to make some great in-play accumulators. With this particular group of matches, I used the statistics in front of me as well as my own research to pip the win. The beauty of an accumulator is that if you have four single bets all odds of 2.0, you'd profit £8, but if you were to put these selections into an accumulator, you'd instead profit £30. I personally think this technique works best at weekends when there are a hundred or so fixtures all playing at the same time. If you've already used Betmaid, you would've experienced the mad rush of alerts that come through on a Saturday and Sunday when many of the major league teams play their games. There are two main advantages of in-play betting as a whole: (1) You get to look at a teams performance on the pitch; you've only got to look at the Manchester City vs Watford game at the weekend to see that the favourite team doesn't always win. (2) If it's a draw, the odds of any particular team winning, including the favourites, rise as the game goes on. For example, before kickoff, Real Madrid might have odds of 1.4 to win, but if it's still a 0-0 draw at halftime, those odds might've rose to 1.8. These two advantages can be used when betting in-play football accumulators too. Here is my strategy that works for me:

1) Pick a time period - For example, on a Saturday, I know that a large amount of games kickoff at 12:45pm, 3pm and 5:30pm British GMT. If 50 matches all start at 12:45pm, the likelihood of you at least running into a few alerts is relatively high, and a bet can be placed 45 minutes in when all teams should be on their halftime break.

2) Picking the matches - Picking the matches should be no different from ordinary in-play bets. The only difficulty lies with the timing, because you might not have enough alerts at once to make a bet, or one team might score whilst you're in the process of selecting your bets, which can add an unfortunate spanner to the works. There is two choices here, and they both work; you can either highlight particular matches of interest, or you can wait for the alerts to come through. I personally use my Team Domination criteria in Betmaid to get my alerts, you can get this free when you sign up under my link.

3) Place the bet - By halftime (all teams should have their break around the same period), place the bet. Monitor the matches and cash out if necessary.


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