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Team Domination In-play Football Betting Strategy

Here is a quick look at the 'Team Domination' in-play football betting strategy I've recently been testing out. After 140 match result bets, I'm currently sitting on 13.01 points with a strike rate of 59.29%. I was using £5 stakes throughout, which resulted in a profit of £65.05 in total; with such a solid strike rate, I could've easily used £10 or £15 stakes instead for a much larger profit. The 140 bets didn't take long either, they were spanned out over a week period when matches met my criteria and I received an alert through to my phone. My aim with this strategy is to increase the strike rate by including some initial research into my decisions (head-to-head statistics and current form) and improve the value of my bets for a higher total points. You can find the spreadsheet here. If you're interested in my betting criteria, sign up to Betmaid for a 7 day free trial and send me an email at for more information.

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