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Latest Betmaid Update - Good or Bad?

Betmaid has recently updated their application. The latest updates includes some cosmetic changes, a nice little feature that provides additional information about any particular football match all under the same Betmaid HUD, and a revamped affiliates system. This article will run quickly through the new and improved update.


Cosmetic Changes - Colour changes have been made to the statistics bar, now showing a sky blue colour for the away team rather than the original grey.

First-half/Second-half Statistical Breakdown - This neat little feature allows you to view stats from both the first and second-halfs, as well as view the live in-play statistics also. This is especially great for viewing the introductory period of the second-half (first 15 minutes) where you can make a better informed decision whether a team will score or not; think of laying the draw and you won't be far off a very profitable criteria. 

Display Match Odds - In the Alert History section, match odds are now displayed as a fraction (if you prefer decimals like me, I recommend using this calculator which can be found here). I use this particularly when I'm paper betting (testing out new criteria) and when deciding the value of a bet to save time. How accurate these odds are, as well as what website they're from, I'm unsure.

That's the new Betmaid update pretty much wrapped up. I really like the changes they have made, and I think they have got many more improvements in the bag for the near future. So what are the plans for the future with regards to Betmaid Review? I'm currently testing out a new criteria which is an offset, slight tweaked version of the criteria you get when you sign up under my link. Currently at 122 bets with a 56.67% strike rate, it's doing really well so far. I am going to carry on doing some more tests, and I'll make a post about it sometime this week with further information. With that in mind, I'm looking at profitable criteria that you guys can start testing too, so I will definitely post up more guides too. Until next time, I hope you stay green and profitable!

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