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In-play Football Betting Strategy - What is it?

You may have come across the term in-play betting before but you do not know what it is or what it refers to. In this article we will cover what In-Play betting is, how it works and the main advantages of it.

What Is In-play Betting

In-play betting allows the punter to basically place a bet during a live match. With this concept you have the ability to place your bet at anytime of a game right up until its conclusion. This type of bet has become highly popular with punters during an ongoing football match as well as a live horse race. The reason for this is because punters can view a live match or a live race and dictate their bets based upon which team or horse has the upperhand.

How Does In-play Betting Work?

The concept of in-play betting is relatively easy to follow. Once a match or race has started the punters have the ability to place their bets using a number of different options and criteria. For example in a football match you can bet on which team will score the next goal, the half time result, who the next goal scorer will be, which team will have the next corner as well as the full time score once the whistle blows.

During the match the odds will fluctuate depending on how both teams are performing so for punters this brings a whole new excitement to the concept. With horse racing there will be many changes throughout the race which can affect your bet so you can use your judgement to place your winning bet depending on how you see the race going. Instead of taking a gamble based on form and prediction before a match or race with In-Play betting you can actually see what is going on before you place your bet.

Advantages Of In-play Betting

The most obvious advantage of In-play Betting is that you can see how the games or race evolves before you place your bet. With this concept you are not handicapped to study the form or do your research prior to the event starting. The next advantage is that you can take advantage of higher odds at the start of the match or race and as it continues those odds may shorten as a particular team or horse could be performing better than the opposition. If the odds do shorten though you will not have to worry as you have already placed your bet beforehand. 

You also have the advantage of having different scenarios in which you can bet on. Instead of placing a bet on the final outcome or result you can bet on various other situations which can happen during a live match or race.


We hope this article has given you a better understanding of what in-play betting is and how you can use the concept to your advantage. If you have any questions or queries simply get in touch with us and we will be more than happy to help.

All credits for this article go to Betmaid.

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