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Betmaid Overview - A Look at what this In-play Football Betting App has to Offer

For any of you that are currently on the fence with Betmaid and the in-play football betting strategy, I thought I'd quickly run through the application; what it looks like, it's features and functions, and an example betting criteria that not only makes the most of what Betmaid has to offer, but what I personally use to profit on a daily basis. So let's take a look...

The left image is an overlook of what the stats section of the Betmaid application looks like on an Apple or Android device; the website application portrays the exact same information but in a much larger format. This particular image was taken on a weekday afternoon where more promiscuous teams tend to play that I've never personally heard of, from Icelandic Youth, the Azerbaijan Liga to the Premier League, this baby displays it all in real-time. In the match highlighted (the little star icon allows you to favourite particular matches of your choice for later viewing), there is nothing substantial with the stats to say either team will dominate, maintain the lead or take the lead, so this is something I would not personally bet on. But you will have opportunities where a team will have 60% possession, double the opponents dangerous attacks and shots on target, and you might decide that an in-play football bet is required. If you've read the Betmaid review (can be found here), I talk about how Betmaid allows you to configure in-game betting criteria that alerts you when values = true.

An example of a betting criteria can be found in the right image above. This one is called Over 0.5 Goals, and looks for games between 45 and 75 minutes, where it's currently 0-0, and there's a chance the dominating team (total shots on target) might score to meet the over 0.5 goal requirement to win the bet. You can add, delete and edit the criteria to meet your needs. What I've been doing the past couple of weeks is paper betting a variety of different betting criteria's and recording the strike rate, I suggest you also do this too to improve your in-play football betting strategy and your chances of consistently winning bets.

Setting up your first betting criteria is a piece of cake, and the criteria possibilities are almost endless.

1) Select the bell icon located at the top right off the app.
2) Tap the + icon located at the top left and set a name for your new criteria set. Make sure you call it something relevant to the situation it is alerting you to. This ensures you will be able to identify which criteria set a game is meeting easily.
3) Tap the 'Add Option' button to bring up a list of the different variables you can use in your alert criteria. For the sake of this guide we will set up a minimum game time played requirement. This is a variable which we use a lot, as it ensures that the teams are settled into the game and generally makes the data more reliable. To do this simply tap 'Time', 'Game Clock', 'More Than' and enter the minimum amount of game time you would like to have been played before receiving an alert. Once you have entered a value tap 'OK' and this requirement will be added to that alert criteria.
4) If we were to stop now you would receive a notification every time an in-play football match had passed the 25 minute mark. Unfortunately knowing that isn’t going to help win you much money, so you just need to add more variable requirements as you require. It's as simple as that!
5) Not in a position to bet? Need to try save the last precious % of your phone battery? You can pause alerts by simply tapping the small bell icon to the left of the Criteria Name.

To wrap things up, here is a criteria that I use, along with the Over 0.5 Goals criteria that can be found in an earlier image, to profit. This particular criteria is a set up for those of you who don't mind taking risks in order to gain big rewards. Essentially this alert criteria set will highlight any team showing very strong early dominance in a game. With games like this, the odds for the dominating team are likely to quite short, so taking them to be winning at half time is the best bet. Not only does this ensure you get maximum odds value for your money but also reduces the window in which the run of play can change hands. Not one for the faint-hearted but when used correctly it can provide a nice boost to your bank roll. Notice I don’t set a requirement for the teams to be drawing here as we don’t want to miss any games where a team scored early but the opposition is still having the better of the game

Hopefully after reading this article, you can see the potential in Betmaid. They are currently holding a sale on a monthly subscription, and if you sign up under this link (here) you can secure yourself a 7 day free trial to try out the application and see what it's worth for yourself. Send me a quick email at for more betting criteria you can use to profit!


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