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Team Domination In-play Football Betting Strategy Part 3

Here is a quick look at the 'Team Domination' in-play football betting strategy I've recently been testing out. You can find a link to the live Google spreadsheet here where document my past tips, as well as provide in-play ones that you can follow if you so wish. After 2 weeks of on and off betting (had to work throughout the week also) I was able to reach 61.052 points of profit; times 61.052 by your stake, and you can see what you would've earn't using this system. Everything seems to be going well so far, I'll probably do another one of these articles near to the end of the month, hopefully the points profit from betting in-play football will be a lot higher by then!

If you're interested in my betting criteria, sign up to Betmaid for a 7 day free trial and send me an email at for more information.

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