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Everything You Need to Know About the In-play Football Betting Strategy

As far as football betting is concerned, there are two types of bets; those that you place pre-match, and those that you make in-play when the match is live. Many of the people I talk to swear by pre-match betting only, not because they make a profit from it as such, but because they don't know any other way. They check recent form, head-to-head records and current league standings, and put a bet on a team or a particular criteria which looks best to win.

The problem with pre-match betting is, just like you, the bookmakers have also done their homework too, and employ skilled odds compilers who have all the pre-match statistics and figures at their disposal to display odds which very seldom give you, the punter, any value whatsoever. When it comes to pre-match betting, you don't know until the day what the team selection is, and you don't know until a good 20-30 minutes into the match how the team you backed beforehand is going to perform either. This is the main reason why bookmakers will always have the edge over the punter; where the punters overall losses always outweigh that of the bookmakers because of the odds they give, which is funnily enough why they are all still in business today. This is not to say you can't make a profit from pre-match betting - many people do - I just like to think this article takes a look at a different angle of  a typical pre-match bet.

So you're probably asking, if you don't know already, what is an in-play bet, and what are the advantages? In-play bets are bets that you make whilst a football game is live. Betting in-play has been dubbed by many as the future of profitable betting, especially when it comes to football. I also believe this statement to be correct having made many more value bets in-game than before the match, but it's important to realise that there is no 100% guaranteed profit system; no matter what anybody on the Internet preaches or promises you. Unlike pre-match betting, in-play can obtain much better value with regards to bookmaker odds, and by using live statistics that you can find across the Internet, you don't necessarily have to know any of the football teams recent forms to know when they're dominating their opponent.

For example, in a scenario where Liverpool play Arsenal, the odds for Liverpool winning might be 2.1 for arguments sake, and Arsenal 1.7, but with the current volatility of the Premiership, and with the chance of the draw also, who knows whether betting on either team pre-match will result in the win. Shock horror for all you that placed a bet on the favourite to win, Liverpool score 20 minutes in to make it 1-0. For anybody that placed a bet on the underdogs, they'd probably be laughing right now, but hold your horses. As it stands, the odds in-play have changed; Liverpool are currently 1.4 to win, and Arsenal 2.2 as a result of the first goal. This is therefore a great football match to watch from a statistical viewpoint, because if Arsenal start dominating like they are in this particular said scenario, you place a bet at odds of 2.2, and they grab two goals to make it 1-2, hopefully you can now see the extra value here. Not only have you increased odds from the original 1.7 pre-match to the 2.2 in-play, but you've also made a fairly decent decision on placing a bet on a team that let it slip early, but are now performing to the best of their abilities to squeeze the win in, something you wouldn't have known having bet before the game. That's the power of the in-play football betting strategy.

There is a downside (unfortunately). Let's say it's a Saturday, there are 100 different matches all playing at 3pm, and you have all the statistical knowledge you need to place in-play bets. How are you expected to monitor each game individually for every ten minutes of play, I can guarantee it's like torture. So why not just focus on 10-20 key games, and leave the rest? How do you know that the other 80 games might not brandish a better result had you placed a bet on them instead.

This is where Betmaid comes in (review article can be found here). As quoted by the Betmaid team themselves, "Betmaid is your in-play betting alerts companion. Are you sick of trawling through hundreds of live sports games just to find the match that fits your in-play betting criteria? Let Betmaid take the stress out of it and as soon as a game matches the criteria set by you we’ll alert you, ensuring you never miss a good bet." If you haven't checked out Betmaid, and you really want to give in-play betting a try, I'd definitely recommend signing up for a free 7 day trial today.


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